The new MacBook Pro without USB 3, HDMI and SD ports?

A new day, a new rumor. Apple could remove USB 3.0, HDMI and SD ports on its MacBook unveiled next Thursday


Apple could remove the USB, HDMI and SD ports of future MacBook Pro. A half-surprising decision that may make your teeth cringe … This would not be the first time that the Apple brand would remove a technology that was still massively used; One remembers the floppy drive, CD SuperDrive, FireWire and of course the iphone 7 Jack Port.


This rumor comes from the specialized site “MacRumors”, they specify that the ports would all be replaced by USB-C. So the unique port that Steve Jobs wanted so much would be a reality. Remains that with such a strategy of rupture, the transition period will be very complicated. Notice to interested parties, prepare to carry many adapters …


The USB Type-C has been present for more than two years, it is not yet widely democratized. There is no example that few compatible mice. Once again, Apple will be the hallmark of the rupture, remains whether the consumer would respond favourably to this change. Answer in 48 hours.

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